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Repair Windows Errors

In 30-seconds the program will find the EXACT root cause of your errors. The error scanner digs deep into the operating system's core and removes, patches or restores the cause of the problem.

Fix and Update Your Hardware Drivers

Missing or outdated drivers can cause many devices such as Printers, USB drives, Cameras, Keywords and Mice to not work or work sluggishly. The software will analyze your PC and check for the latest drivers available that you can install instantly.

Increase Your Speed and Performance

Chances are your PC isn't running as fast as it once used to. Our program tweaks and optimizes your PC and restores your operating system to run as smooth as a fresh new reinstall. If you wish to go a step further, you can optimize it with the easy step-by-step wizard to make it run 70% Faster!

Make Your PC Bulletproof Secure

Keep your computer protected from trojans, viruses and malware stealing your private data. Erase all the traces of your web-browsing completely and protect yourself from hackers and spies.

A Complete All-in-One Tool

Our software is fully capable of repairing a variety of errors. Anything from DLL Errors, OCX Errors, Runtime Errors, Blue-screen of Death errors, and file extension problems. Everything can be repaired with a single click.

Block Freezing And Crashing

Configure your PC to stop crashing and freezing. You will increase your productivity tremendously because you wont have to restart your computer or re-open programs constantly.

Professional Support

Receive free updates and technical support to resolve all the problems you cant figure out on your own.

Free Windows Errors Repair Guides

Frustrated with your Computer? Browse our website for all the free information you need to repair all common Windows Error Codes, DLL Errors, Stop Errors, software problems, spyware & adware issues & PC optimization tips! We list the most common errors that window displays, and how to fix them with ease. We update regularly!
Popular Problems:

These are the most popular errors on Microsoft Windows: Anioapi.Dll - Error 1001 - 0x80070437 - 0x0000142 - Error 8453 - 0x80010105 - Error 651 - 0x8007042C - Urlmon.Dll - 0x0002 - 0x80004001 - 0x00000101 - 0x80070570 - Error 8414 - 0x80070057 - 0x80010108 - Error 2124 - 0x80070426 - 80040154 - Error 1131 - 0x80070424 - 0x80040154 - Wbtrv32.Dll - 0x80070017 - Error 4208 - 0x8000FFFF - 0x80004004 - 0x80070006 - 0x000000cf - 0x800700C1 - Error 7204 - Autoupdate.Dll - 0x80070003 - 0x8007000D - 80004004 - 0x7c9109f9 - Error 2211 - Error 1711 - Error 1158 - 0x8007007B -